Why we carry out the bookkeeping function

The traditionally approach was for clients to employ a bookkeeper to reconcile regular everyday transactions.

However, good bookkeeping also requires a knowledge of the tax laws!

Today, technology allows us to automatically and efficiently code transactions whist also keeping you tax compliant!

By combining automated bookkeeping procedures and a thorough knowledge of the tax laws, we avoid potential tax compliance penalties.

We also avoid you having to pay your accountant at year end to correct bookkeeping errors just so that they can lodge compliant tax returns.

After all, no-one likes GST, Superannuation, PAYG or income tax audits!

Better business insights

Poor bookkeeping also means you cannot view accurate reports to understand your business profitability, how much you may owe your creditors, the ATO or even how much is owed to your business.

This makes cash-flow forecasting almost impossible. Imagine being able to see clearly what’s happening in your business or investment portfolio?

Interestingly enough in many insolvency cases the ATO is often one of the largest creditors – so managing tax debts or minimising tax is extremely important all year round – not just at year end!

Combined bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance services

Our bookkeeping fees are simply built into our value for money Service Packages.

We do not charge fees based on hours. Instead we agree fees with you based on transaction volumes and complexities, and also consider your goals and challenges in your business or investment portfolio.

See the How We Work Section for more details about our engagement process.

Contact us to find out how we can take the stress out of your life, save you time and costs, keep you tax compliant and give you a clear picture of your business.

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