New Clients:

  1. You’ve viewed our Home Page, Our Firm, Our Team, Testimonials and Case Studies which means you know a fair bit about us
  2. If you’re interested in making contact and possibly becoming a client, then please complete our New Client Inquiry Form so that we can work out if we’re a good fit for one another
  3. We’ll then assess if we’re a good fit for you and will let you know the outcome based on your answers in the Form
  4. We may need to ask you a few more questions before we raise an engagement letter

Engagements & Fees:

Before we start any work or provide you with advice, we’ll raise an engagement letter which will include details of the service, terms of the engagement and fee estimate.

Most engagements, additional work orders, work requests, confirmations or opinions are charged upfront and at the time of you accepting the engagement.

We may agree to charge on a progress billing basis for larger engagements.

Once engagements are signed and payment details captured we’ll then schedule in your work and advise of an estimated completion date.

Additional engagement letters or work orders will be raised for any out of scope work but we’ll always tell you before and if this is the case.

Have a Short Query and Need Peace of Mind?

There’s nothing like peace of mind to know that you’re on the right track. That’s the value in having a professional by your side to steer you in the right direction.

We’ll email you our Short Consult engagement letter which allows us to provide you with a general opinion at a relatively low cost to you. 

But beware: In Australian tax law “the devil is always in the detail” and we’ll likely need to dive deeper into your particular circumstances to properly advise you.

Following our Short Consult, we can then provide a Long Consult engagement letter or expanded engagement if need be so that we can consider your particular circumstances and therefore properly advise you.

Ongoing Assignments & Service Packages:

In order to provide you with timely, accurate and tax compliant financial information and also valuable financial insights, we will undertake your combined bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance function.

We do this using Xero cloud accounting software. For SMSF processing and compliance we use BGL360 cloud-based software.

Cloud software means that you will always have access to your live data wherever you are in the world – and more importantly you’ll be able to access live insights all day every-day! 

We include our combined services in what we call Service Packages which provide great value all year through.

We’ll agree fees based on transaction volumes and complexities, and also consider your goals and challenges in your business or investment portfolio. We’ll also need an invite into your current ledger and will also need to review your previous year’s financial statements and tax return.

We’ll then provide you with a fee estimate and should you wish to proceed we’ll send you an engagement letter so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

We don’t lock you into monthly contracts giving you peace of mind and flexibility.

We’re committed and passionate about what we do and will always communicate with you in a timely manner.

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