We have extensive experience with importers, wholesalers and manufacturers. In fact, these areas have developed into a real niche for Want Group Accountants.

Our principal, Steven Want, was personally involved in the giftware industry for a number of years and has an in-depth understanding of the many challenges facing importers and wholesalers. His involvement in the family business from ‘scratch’ right through to its sale 12 years later has given him a thorough understanding of these areas, the regulations and general operations.

You can benefit from our experience in dealing with banking institutions, freight forwarding companies, organising overseas payments and balancing cash flow to meet ongoing overheads. As you know, there are some potentially complex tax and GST issues associated with the import and wholesale industries and we welcome your queries. No job is too big or small for the team at Want Group Accountants so contact us today at our offices in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

We are passionate about helping importers and wholesalers navigate their way through the various stages of their business life cycle. If you import or wholesale giftware, baby products, furniture, household items or machinery we can provide you with a range of services to support and grow your business. If you import for the purpose of manufacture we can also assist you with issues including pricing, break even analysis and management accounting services. This could include monthly or quarterly ‘board-room’ style meetings to analyse results and address any areas of concern.

We are more than just an accounting firm that ‘keeps the score’. We want you to ‘know your numbers’ including your pricing and margins so your financials are more meaningful. We will help you understand the profit drivers in your business and quantify the financial impact of :

  • changes in the number of customers you have
  • how often they buy from you and
  • their average transaction value.

Steven Want says, “The harsh reality is that enthusiasm, money, talent or a great idea is not enough to guarantee success in importing and wholesaling. Like driving a car, to succeed in business you need to plan the route, navigate your way around the road blocks, have clear vision and monitor your progress along the way”. Want Group Accountants will work closely with you and your staff to monitor your progress during the year so you achieve your business goals and arrive safely at your ‘destination’. We view the tax return as the start of the process, not the end.

The importing and wholesaling industries are challenging but can be very rewarding. Like any business you need to budget, plan, and monitor. We know from experience the pitfalls and look forward to working with you to Build Your Business and Grow Your Wealth.

Call us today on (02) 9387 4461 for an appointment.