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What can you do now?

Get your house in order – excuse the pun!

  • The importance of having accurate accounts and keeping documents
  • You don’t want surprises AFTER 30 June

Tax planning before 30 June can save you $$

  • How much tax will you need to pay and where can you legally save tax
  • Have you considered not only your business but any other connected entities

Tax planning tips relating to property investments

  • Alarming Fact: 89% of rental property returns completed are incorrect (Source: ATO!!)
  • Are you declaring all rental property income
  • Are you calculating capital gains correctly if you have sold a property during the year
  • The importance of ensuring the correct purchase and sale valuation for tax purposes
  • The importance of correctly claiming expenses: repairs vs capital items; interest on loans
  • See our Blog – Tax Tips for Property Investors

Free Resource: Property Tax Return Checklist

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