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Do you know how your fund is performing at all times? Which investments are performing best? Whether you have reached your contribution caps? If your fund is in pension phase, whether you have met the minimum pension payments?

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, we can help.

SMSFs have become a niche area for us and we have assisted clients with complex issues in navigating the many superannuation compliance laws, particularly as they relate to the $1.6M pension balances and changed contribution caps.

We use the latest technology software for efficiency in processing our client’s SMSF transactions. This is especially important for more complex scenarios, processing multiple member account balances, pension accounts, complex investments, managed investment platforms, etc.

The principal, Steven Want has been a registered SMSF auditor for over 10 years enabling him to share his insights with his clients so that they manage their SMSF in a tax-compliant & tax-strategic manner.

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